Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough – Hypercubes

Stick RPG

4D Hypercube 1: Stick RPG
Get a high IQ/Intelligence.
Go to the university during the morning and talk to the yellow guy (Chessmaster Chase). Challenge him to chess.
He'll give you a hypercube.

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Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough – Klein Bottles

Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough – Hoverboards

Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough – Trophymons


4D Hypercube 2: Stick RPG 2
Go to the police station.
Give the Nigerian prince $10,000 bail.
He'll give you a Hypercube.


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Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough - Klein Bottles


Klein Bottle 1: StickRPG2
Give the addict near the apartments at night a lot of Coca. You can get one from the screwdriver quest.
You'll get a Klein Bottle and negative karma.

Klein Bottle 2: Stick RPG 2
Get the painkillers at Wally Mart.
Go find the infamous goth kid. He's near your basement apartment in the evening.
Give him the pain killers. Get the squeegee.
Take the squeegee to the squeegee kid, he's in between all the buildings near the club in the third island.
You'll get a Klein bottle and positive karma.

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Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough - Hoverboards

Stick RPG 2

Hoverboard-Good: Stick RPG 2

  • Go to the courtyard outside your basement apartment in the first island in the evening with all four trophymons. Talk to the pink girl, she's an animal activist named Annie.

  • Give her all your trophymons. You'll get a lot of good karma, some charm and a hoverboard.

Hoverboard-Evil: Stick RPG

  • Go down the road between your apartment and the Mobster Tower at night with the four trophymons.
    Give the last trophymon to the eccentric billionaire.

  • He'll give you $3000 for the first three, a hoverboard for the fourth and negative karma.

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Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough - Trophymons

Stick RPG 2

  • Trophymon 1 - Stick RPG 2
    Give the construction worker by the bank at night a hamburger to get a ladder.
    Use the ladder on the lady near the apartments to retrieve her cat back and get a trophymon.

  • Trophymon 2
    Give the DJ a pizza in the evening
    Give the DJ a McShake in the evening

  • Trophymon 3 - Stick RPG
    Go to the second island in the evening/night and talk to the shady dealer. He'll sell you cuban cigars for $2350.
    Go to Vinnie's bar with some cigarettes, cuban cigars and a zippo lighter.
    Give the mobster in Vinnie's bar some of the cigarettes, then the cuban cigars, then the zippo. You will get a trophymon.

  • Trophymon 4
    Keep throwing $25 in the busker's hat in the second island in the evening. He'll give you the last trophymon.

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Stick RPG Complete Cheats

Stick RPG 2

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