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Playing the sequel to Stick RPG 2 and the new game is great . The main goal is to get all the 4D objects and give them to the professor and then he will give you a key to the lab. But that will all be explained later.

There is no special name for your stick guy like the first game Stick RPG. But stats do matter a lot. Would recommend to have charm as your highest stat since it is the hardest to get. What to choose for your special ability thing depends on how you are going to play the game. But whatever you do don't pick socially awkward nterpretative dancer unless you want to make things a lot harder for yourself.

Stick RPG

You first probably want to just walk around (hold shift to run/skateboard/hoverboard) and try to remember where things are since the whole layout is a lot different then the first game.

You start out getting a job at McSticks and every 5 shifts that you work there you can ask for a promotion. On street 2 there is the University where you can study or take a class or work out in the gym. You will need the strength and or intelligence for different jobs.

One thing that u have forgot to talk about is the karma, you can have either positive or negative karma in the game and that could effect the jobs that you get. Things like buying the fake ID will give you negative karma but buying the regular ID for 25 dollars more will give you positive karma. There is other ways for karma stuff but can't think of them off the top of my head.

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