Stick Rpg Complete Cheats – President or Dictator

Stick RPG 2

When it is 2,000 days and you have a castle and lots of money (200,000), you should be invited to have an election.

For Dictator, have $200,000, Karma -100, 850+ Stats, CEO, and a castle ($500,000).
For President, have $200,000, Karma 100, 750+ Stats, CEO, and a castle ($500,000).

Funny messages 1:

Whenever your stickman gets run over by a car, he will get one of three messages.
One is from Sticknews, another from You Hit, They Run law agency, and the final one is is from Cash for Skidmarks' Inc.

Funny messages 2:

Give the boy who wants smoke exactly ten of them. He will die and you will get a message from a detective.

Red Stickman:

Keep robbing places.

Kill kid on the corner:

Keep giving the kid on the corner of the street cigarettes. He will eventually die from too much smoke inhalation.

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