Stick Rpg guide no cheats - How do I rob the bank

First, you must have a gun loaded with ammo. Next you must raise your charm as high as you can. The higher your charm, the more likely you will pull it off. Go into the bank or convenience store and click the button that says "Rob the place". If you succeed, you'll earn some money. If you fail, you'll be put in jail for a short time.

Stick RPG
Where do I buy ammo for my gun?
After you buy the gun out of the pawn shop, you must leave the building and re-enter it in to buy ammo.

Are there any cheats?
Yes. If you enter your name as HEYZEUS!!!! you will start out with 555 in all your stats and $10,000.

Is there a purpose to Drunken Darts?
Nope. It's just a fun mini-game.

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