Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough - Trophymons

Stick RPG 2

  • Trophymon 1 - Stick RPG 2
    Give the construction worker by the bank at night a hamburger to get a ladder.
    Use the ladder on the lady near the apartments to retrieve her cat back and get a trophymon.

  • Trophymon 2
    Give the DJ a pizza in the evening
    Give the DJ a McShake in the evening

  • Trophymon 3 - Stick RPG
    Go to the second island in the evening/night and talk to the shady dealer. He'll sell you cuban cigars for $2350.
    Go to Vinnie's bar with some cigarettes, cuban cigars and a zippo lighter.
    Give the mobster in Vinnie's bar some of the cigarettes, then the cuban cigars, then the zippo. You will get a trophymon.

  • Trophymon 4
    Keep throwing $25 in the busker's hat in the second island in the evening. He'll give you the last trophymon.

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